Alternative Container is a family owned and operated manufacturing facility located in the heart of the Midwest, Indianapolis, Indiana. We manufacture cremation containers, rental casket inserts and carry supplies that cater to the funeral service industry.

President Chuck Jenson began his business in 1999, out of an oversees shipping container in Chicago, Illinois. Later, he moved his business to its current headquarters on the Northwest side of Indianapolis in the Park 100 industrial area.

Alternative Container has a variety of cremation containers, airtrays and rental casket inserts manufactured to a standard of high quality specifications. We take great pride in our product and the detail of matching the design and fabrics used in our rental casket inserts. Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Alternative Container is currently supplying our product to the leading casket manufacturers' in the country, It is always our pleasure, should you have a special request or custom order, to meet the needs of your facility Please, contact us using our toll free number:


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