Bulldog Carrier - For Cremation Containers

ACB 30-01

ACB 30-01

Introducing “THE BULLDOG”
To Funeral Service

Alternative Container is introducing our tried and true “BULLDOG” lift and carry. The simple concept and unbelievable durability will allow you to rid your business of straps, ropes and all other clever compromises you have made through the years to lift, move and transport cremation containers and caskets.

The base of the “BULLDOG” slides under the cremation container or casket giving it a sturdy base (in most cases, eliminating the need to reinforce the bottom of the cremation container) and should be positioned where the majority of weight is distributed in the cremation container and casket. It will also protect the cremation container from being punctured by the corners of a church truck when placed where the corner and the container meet.

The “BULLDOG” has been constructed with adjustable handles to enable a level lift from both sides of the cremation container or casket allowing less opportunity for injuries while lifting. The “BULLDOG” is perfect for maneuvering in those awkward, narrow spaces when the casket handles are almost impossible to be used to aid in its placement. (Example: Handrails along steps leading into church limit mobility or an internment in a lower level mausoleum crypt). These are just two examples of many I am sure you have encountered through the years.

While our “BULLDOG” has been built to stand the test of time its appearance is presentable and dignified to use in the presence of the families you serve.

Whether preparing for cremation, a funeral service or final resting place the “BULLDOG” is lite and can easily be transported by person or in any vehicle ready to assist with the demands of your profession.

A dog is said to be “man’s best friend”. Let the “BULLDOG” lift and carry prove to be a true work companion to you and your staff!

Available and sized for cremation containers or caskets.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. and built to last a life-time using 100% stainless steel.

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