Pet Division

Pet Devision

Alternative Container is now meeting the needs of business professionals in the pet care industry. We manufacture a durable pet container for transporting a sick, injured, or deceased pet. Whether the pet is going home to be with their family or to a funeral center for final disposition,  unexpected messes can damage the interior of a vehicle. Our container is internally coated with a Michelman barrier to prevent accidents pertaining to bodily fluid or excretions during transport.

For the families that prefer to have a home burial, our container presents itself as a very fitting funerary box. Allow us to further strengthen the services you already outstandingly provide by assuring families that their pet’s health and well-being is your top priority.

Competitive Pricing

7" x 9" x 4"
16" x 20" x 8"
24" x 30" x 12"
29" x 40" x 14"
25 Per Bundle
15 Per Budle
15 Per Bundle
15 Per Bundle
Call for large order - Wholesale Price
(317) 871-0122 or (800) 220-7410 F.O.B. - Indianapolis, IN.