ACB 13-01 Two Pack Cremation Box


A staple in our cremation box line, the ACB 13-01 Two Packs are consistently seen as a reliable box for customers. The glued-down support board keeps weight displacement centered throughout the box. This box offers a reliable containment for slightly above average-sized remains.

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Product Specs:

Brown Kraft Base

10″ Oyster-White Lid

400# BT

12″ x 70″ Support Board Glued in Base


*Each Pack Contains Two(2) Cremation Boxes*


Dimensions: (L x W x H)


74.5″ x 21.75″ x 5″



74.5″ x 21.75″ x 10″



Additional information


Two separate tests are conducted to determine the strength of cardboard, the Burst Test (BT) as well as the Edge Crush Test (ECT).

(BT) The Burst Test involves testing the liner boards and flutes that run along the inside of cardboard. Liner boards being an inner layer of cardboard inside the external edges, the flutes are the squiggly lines also inside the external edges. By testing the pounds of pressure needed to burst the cardboard, we can judge how well the box can contain internal forces and withstand external forces.

(ECT) The Edge Crush Test involves testing the durability of the cardboard when stacked, specifically, the top to bottom compression strength. While it may not be as common to be stacking these boxes on top of one another, it still is able to help get a better idea of the thickness and strength of each box that we carry.


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